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I’m gonna be reviewing slash give you guys my first impression of benefits what is microblading tool, new brow micro filling pen, I’ve been seeing this all over Instagram all over Youtube Youtube ers and beauty gurus and blah blah trying it out and I was like I can’t wait to try it for myself, so when they set out I knew I had to do a video for you guys, so I can give you my thoughts, the real realty, so before we hop into the video make sure you guys are subscribed to this channel on the road to A K, we are almost there almost there, come on hit the subscribe button, if you’re not subscribed what are you doing, and after you do that make sure you guys hit that bell notification button so that every single time I post a video you’ll be the first to know about it I just let’s just hop right in okay yeah, so y’all know I love benefit brow products I am a stand of all of their brow products there’s not a brow product that they have that I don’t like so yeah I really feel like I’m the perfect girl for this video like if y’all don’t know eyebrow microblading tool.You guys are new here, trust trust my opinion because benefit brow products, Bang and I’m not saying this because I’m just gonna be like oh yeah this bangs to know I’m gonna be honest because it’s very rare that I find a brown product that can compare to the ose of benefit okay so you’re in the right place, so y’all know before I start using the product I like to give you a little rundown, so I’m just gonna go ahead and read you guys the little car that they sent over so this is the new benefit brow micro filling pen baby, yes you heard me right brow gains, no blade, it gives you 24 hour micro bladed effect, it has three prom chips that mimic the appearance of real brown hairs, we love that it has a waterproof and smudge proof ink formula and it’s natural looking easy to apply, it retails for 25 bucks anywhere, the benefit is sold and of course on their website and then it also comes in four different shades so as you guys know the precisely my brow pencil is my baby, that’s my my heart, my soul, my brow god I love that.Proud and possessive eyebrow pencil comes in I believe, but he like I think over ten shades like there’s a lot of shades if not ten it’s at least eight or something, there’s only four of these which I mean they just came out with this product, I’m sure that if this product does well they will extend the range, so just wanted to give you guys a spiel but never go ahead and review the product so since I got it in the deep brown, this is the darkest shade, so we will see how this works yeah, I hope that it’s dark enough I feel like it will be they never fail, but I feel like it will be but I’m bianca okay, so it’s not enough, you may have a problem, aren’t you guys like the standard little Silver packaging, that’s like goto for all benefit products, cute cute feels nice and sleek, I feel like it’s going to be able to like be really easy to use because it feels like a real pen like it gives me that feeling like I’m about to write or something, but as I take the cap off I see that it has those three little prongs and they’re going in a diagonal fashion.And so that I’m expecting to get a more real appearance of hairs, so just go ahead and happen to it I’m probably gonna assume you guys and you can see the real effect, so I’m gonna go ahead and brush my hair out real quick, it’s just a random I don’t know his eyebrow brush but I’m just gonna brush him out real quick, okay yeah, so I’m not using no other brow product you kind of want to because I feel like I want to outline but I’m not I’m gonna use this and we’re going to do alright so I’m gonna kind of start in the middle.Hmm, oh my god, did you see that there was a sparse air right here and I just flipped up and now it looks like I just have hair like hair just grew oh yeah let’s get this little area over here.Ooh yeah it okay, let me not get to geek OK, so now I’m going this way diagonal since my hairs are going down it really is giving me those brush like strokes, those hair stroke like what.Like I’m just going in the direction of my hairs, yeah this could be the game changer, I’m not even going live I’m really curious to see how it’s gonna look in the front of the brow like I really feel like this product will be good for doing this front half of your brow like I’m imagining right now using the precisely my brow pencil for the ends and then using the brow micro filming pencil for the front half my brows will look really really natural, okay, let me just do the friend, let’s see how that goes the phone rang y’all that looks so good.That looks so good like it looks like my brow hairs okay, so that’s that brow completely on its own just with this microfilm pencil go I really like it, okay benefit I think you might have done it again I’m going to hold you, but for this other bro I want to do the method I just said I’m gonna use recycling weapons on the end and then use this brown micro filling pen in the front, so I’m using to protect my brow pencil in the shade of five and I’m just gonna go ahead and fill out the ends of my brows, so now that I’ve got in like more in the front of the brow, I’m gonna go in with the pen and see if it just gives it that bomb effect you guys I’m so excited, this is kind of crazy and you don’t have to push this hard on the brush and it just comes out. I love that you guys, oh I literally left the bald spot on this eyebrow over here, let’s brush that and there we go period, okay I have a new barber team, we just learned it right here first, now let me go ahead and put some of the Tony for our browser on I’m gonna go ahead and use this just to set the brows in.Okay guys I’m gonna go ahead and do the rest of my makeup real quick off camera, I’ll be back with my final thoughts and let you guys know how I really feel about this product I just saw I am back with my face fully done and y’all, I love them, I love these brows benefit y’all did it again I should have known I should have known there was no way that you weren’t gonna serve this time service another product, we should be so grateful to y’all because y’all do it every single time, so the thing, I want to say the difference between using only depend on this side and then depend and possessing my brow pencil on this side, I’d like this one much better but that’s just my personal preference I like to have more of a structured brow on my ends of my eyebrows versus this one it still looks great like honestly you probably couldn’t even be able to tell the difference, but I feel like I just wanted more of a defined line underneath and with this product you’re getting hair like strokes, you don’t get that line, you know what I’m saying you get brushes you get hairs, so if you guys want.Like the soap brow effect, or just really really natural brows you this is a product for you baby, this is it but y’all ten out of ten they did it did it again I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised and I’m not saying this all because I love everything else they serve and everything else they give us serve as a service period they service.